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Transaction Details


For Sale SFR Construction Loan


Houston, TX

  • LTC: 85%
  • LTV: 64%
  • Project Type: Build for Sale
  • Rate: SOFR + 7.18%
  • Term: 24 Months

Transaction Overview

MBP has secured construction financing for the first 25 homes of a 50+ home community.  In leveraging the imputed land value created in the land with entitlements, design work, and the building of a retention pond, we were able to reduce the cash to close and maximize leverage for the borrower.  The borrower will be able to pay off the loan after constructing 25 homes and will be able to keep the remaining homes as pure profit.  We look forward to tracking this project to completion.

MBP specializes in debt and equity placement for all asset classes. Our extensive network of unique capital sources in development and permanent financing and extensive capital markets knowledge allows us to tackle a wide variety of transactions, regardless of complexity or size, to benefit our clients.

MBP has a team of dedicated and experienced finance professionals with you at every step. We are consistently improving and expanding our capital market relationships and are committed to exceeding our client's expectations through these relationships, innovative solutions, and outstanding work ethic.

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